What It Is and How It Benefits You

Alphabetizer is an online tool that organizes lists in an order you specify. There’s an algorithm behind the instrument, processing data very fast and rearranges all the entries in the correct order. It’s very easy to use, and there are some additional options making it even more helpful:

  • Several types of organizing;
  • Various formatting choices;
  • Removing duplicate entries;
  • Removing HTML;
  • Ignoring definite and indefinite articles;
  • Removing punctuation;
  • Removing brackets;

You could also start your list with traditional numbers or Roman numerals, and control the case of the letters for sub-points.

No matter what the format of the paper is required, we provide you with choice and optimization with the help of our instrument.

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How to Use It

Improving an essay has never been so easy. First of all, you don’t need to create an account to be a guest. Besides, the algorithm we’ve written is user-friendly because your comfort is our top priority.

To put your points in order:

  1. Visit the page with the form;
  2. Enter the type of organizing you require (A to Z, reverse, etc.);
  3. Enter the data about the current points (how they are formatted);
  4. Enter the data about the desired format (blank spaces, commas, new lines, custom separators, semicolons, etc.);
  5. Enter if you want to remove duplicates, HTML, punctuation, brackets (you can also ignore articles);
  6. Enter the required format (using numbers or letters and which kind);
  7. Enter the text of the list you want to sort;
  8. Click the “Alphabetize” button and see the magic happening.

Who May Need Such a Tool?

Students are under a lot of pressure these days. Some try to combine studies and work, while others want to pursue their hobby. So, a lot of essays and research papers are written last-minute. When time is so limited, every bit of help comes in handy.

All kinds of online plagiarism and grammar mistake checkers help greatly, but what about the order? It’s very easy to make a mistake when sorting them manually. So, our alphabetizer will help if you:

Need to sort the points in a short time;
Can’t focus on one task for a long time;
Afraid of a sorting error which may deduct points;
Want to check yourself;
Want a difficult set sorted (by last names, etc.).

Make Academic Writing Easier

As you see, there are lots of options here to choose from, this is why the tool is so popular among students. Our sorting algorithm is quick and efficient, and you can have any number of words and points organized.

Using such free organizing tools will save you more time to spend focusing on the main task like proving your point of view in an essay or doing research on a paper.