Chapter 1

How To Decide On The Most Disputable Argumentative Essay Topics

  • First and foremost, you need to carefully read and understand the instructions given to you by your teacher or professor. Because, to write high-mark essays on topics framed by instructions and formatting policies, you really need to abide by those instructions.
  • Once you’ve done that, start the search for a particular topic to cover. Sometimes, you’ll be given a list of good argumentative essay topics to choose from. But most often, you’ll have to choose one yourself. With that said, don’t go with the obvious variant of easy argumentative essay topics. Most likely, many other students will choose it and you’ll have nothing original to say about that issue. It’s better to spend a few days on research to get the best grade. Believe us, all these hard-working days will be rewarded! You can study in the company of your friends to make the process more fun.
  • The core of every argumentative assignment is a specific assertion that you should make. To do that, you really need to dive into a hotly disputable question and pick a side. So, your argumentative paper topic shouldn’t be comprised of common knowledge like “roses are red and violets are blue”. Instead, you need to state something that is not so easy to agree with. Don’t be afraid to reflect on the problems of politics, economics, climate change, minimal wages, divorces, teenage pregnancy, and likewise.
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  • Make a list of interesting argumentative essay topics and terms, in which you certainly have something to say. Next, research what is already said about those essays topics. Of course, you need to study the relevant and reliable academic sources. Reason - you don’t want to sound too obvious. Take the points from those sources as a starting point for creating your own, unique viewpoint.
  • Research the news sources. Topics for essays that are disputed right now are 100% unique and arguable, which makes them perfect for your argumentative paper.
  • Make sure you are staying polite. Avoid being too emotional, discriminating, or offensive for the position you disagree with.
  • Consider the opposing side. If your argument has a clear opposing point - it’s a good sign. Make sure you have stronger arguments to prove your point.

Chapter 2

The Hottest Top 100 Topic Ideas For Argumentative Essay

Whatever Major you’re going to choose for shaping the career of your dreams in the future, you will certainly write argumentative essays. Need some topic ideas? You got it! Here is the ultimate list of the best argumentative essay topics right now on a variety of themes.

Argumentative Essay Topics 2020

  1. Is skin gambling addictive?
  2. Should testing on animals be banned?
  3. Should the state regulate the market economy?
  4. Is hunting ethical?
  5. Should smartphones be prohibited at educational institutions?

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should smoking be outlawed?
  2. What is more important - individual privacy or national security?
  3. Do TV reality shows accurately show life challenges?
  4. Who receives more social pressure - girls, boys, or both?
  5. Is free Internet access in schools a good thing?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Should students decide what subjects they want to learn?
  2. Should schools do more to prevent bullying?
  3. What one thing could help the household to conserve energy?
  4. Is pop culture valuable?
  5. Is climate change a real thing?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Should schools educate about teenage pregnancy?
  2. What measures could be done to prevent terrorism?
  3. If you could suggest a new class in school, what would it be?
  4. At what age should the parental control end?
  5. Should schools have sports education?

8th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What the US government should do about gun control?
  2. Should senators address the religious issues?
  3. Is space exploration valuable for society?
  4. Is obesity a problem and what should be done about it?
  5. Is marijuana legalization a good or a bad thing?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Should cyberbully on social media be punished and how?
  2. What is better - paper books or their digital versions?
  3. Is Facebook still popular?
  4. Is binge drinking a problem for teenagers?
  5. Can violent video games cause bullying?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should abortion be legal or not?
  2. Is cloning ethical?
  3. Should assisted death be allowed?
  4. Should society get rid of prisons?
  5. Is plastic surgery harmful to health?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Has baseball lost its edge?
  2. Does being good at sports make you smarter?
  3. Are some sports at schools too demanding?
  4. Should parents encourage their children doing sports?
  5. Is cheerleading a sport?

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Was Woodrow Wilson’s presidency in the United States good or bad?
  2. What were the true intentions of the American Civil War?
  3. Historiography of Disneyland and its place in American culture.
  4. What is the role of the Cold War in American history?
  5. Why did slavery happen in the United States?

Argumentative Essay Topics Education

  1. What is the right class size and why?
  2. Should Maths be taught in a different way?
  3. Are college rankings important?
  4. Is it easy to go back to college if you dropped out?
  5. How schools should deal with students who misbehave?

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should people without insurance be given medical care?
  2. Should doctors be criminally responsible for medical errors?
  3. Is the promotion of medical products by doctors ethical?
  4. Should children vaccination be obligatory?
  5. Can an old person be put in an elderly center without their permission?

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can music have a healing effect?
  2. How High Culture is different from Low Culture in music?
  3. Has classical music evolved over the latest decade?
  4. Does the social class of the musician affect their creations and how?
  5. Does music have an impact on cultural events?

Argumentative Research Essay Topics

  1. Can a person who doesn’t believe in God be good?
  2. Should students at schools be drug-tested?
  3. Is it a normal thing for men to cry?
  4. Does being a vegetarian make you healthier?
  5. Can money buy happiness?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why do students procrastinate with their homework?
  2. Should parents monitor what their children are doing online?
  3. Is a homosexual relationship a real love?
  4. Are all religions good?
  5. Are stereotypes are a good or a bad thing?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Should animal circuses be prohibited?
  2. Should foxes be bred into companion animals?
  3. Are humans responsible for the extinction of animals?
  4. Do animals have feelings?
  5. Should wild animals be allowed to be kept as pets?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

  1. Does immigration have a positive or negative impact on the US?
  2. Has immigration to the US changed from 2000 to 2020 and how?
  3. Does the Trump immigration policy have a good or bad influence on the country?
  4. Does the immigration of Mexicans affect the Texas economy?
  5. Does immigration affect equal labor opportunities?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are phone apps helpful or just a waste of time?
  2. Does technology have an impact on our health?
  3. Can a cell phone cause brain cancer?
  4. Will the Internet be replaced by another technology?
  5. Should online privacy protocols in the email address be revised?

Criminal Justice Essay Topics Argumentative

  1. Should policemen be responsible for shooting citizens?
  2. Should the policy about death penalty be changed and how?
  3. Does freedom of speech really exist?
  4. Should domestic violence be punished and how?
  5. Should cash bail be eliminated as a condition of pretrial release?

Science Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are natural sciences more accurate than social sciences?
  2. Should scientific research methods be changed and how?
  3. Is science developing or stagnating now?
  4. Does science affect culture?
  5. Is climate change caused by natural or anthropogenic factors?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do all guys lie about their dating experience?
  2. Younger siblings always annoy the older ones.
  3. Would it be better to start a meal with a dessert?
  4. Are spam emails a bad or not that bad thing?
  5. Do all parents hate rap music?

Chapter 3

Easy Argumentative Essay Guide

An argumentative essay is a type of writing assignment in which students are encouraged to make an arguable statement on a certain topic and prove it with the help of evidence from academically appropriate sources.

So, how to write an argumentative essay? It might seem difficult at first, but once you get the grip of how to do it, you’ll enjoy writing them! So, let’s look at the most common structure for this type of essay.

Argumentative Essay Writing Structure

  1. Outline (optional).
  2. Introduction.
  3. Thesis Statement.
  4. Proof 1.
    1. Topic sentence.
    2. Evidence.
    3. Explanation.
    4. Transition.
  5. Proof 2.
    1. Topic sentence.
    2. Evidence.
    3. Explanation.
    4. Transition.
  6. Counter-proof.
    1. Topic sentence.
    2. Evidence.
    3. Stronger evidence in favor of your argument.
    4. Transition.
  7. Conclusion
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Did you know you can make a conclusion in minutes

Generate a conclusion

If you are writing an in-class assignment or just a quick weekly write-up on the days near weekends, you might not need the outline. Although, writing a simple outline of your paper helps you structure your thoughts better and make sure you keep the logical continuity of your argument.

Make sure you start thinking of the relevant arguments at least a few days before the deadline. Next up, you want to start your introduction with a hook sentence. As you can see, grabbing the attention of the reader is just as important in academic writing as in creative writing! Don’t start your argumentative essay with common knowledge like “humanity has been interested in exploring space for thousands of years now”. Instead, it’s good to start your argumentative paper with specific information from reliable sources that would effectively introduce your stance. Often, the facts speak for themselves so putting an interesting fact or statistics info from the recent scientific research is certainly a good thing to start from. Otherwise, it could be a sharp quote or even a story from your own life - depending on the given instructions of this current argumentative topic.

The introduction typically ends with a thesis statement that should ideally be placed in one sentence. Thesis Statement is your main assertion that you’re going to prove throughout the whole paper. Make it clear and concise but make sure you briefly describe your main arguments. Some students also may add a controversial point to oppose their argument. But be careful - your own point should have much stronger evidence. The reason for that is simple. In an argumentative assignment, your main purpose is to prove yourself right. In other words, how your opinion is more reliable than the opinions you do not agree with.

The next phase is research. Sometimes, it can take as long as a few days or even months. Look for the relevant information in academic journals, books, on the official pages of government and educational organizations. If your particular assignment requires, you can also research films, news, and social media. Also, you can interview your friends and people you know if you’re writing on a topic that’s relevant to your life experiences like violent video games or online dating.

Then, organize the evidence in the order from the most to least important and pick two of the most important factors. These will be your two body paragraphs evidence. Think of your audience and what you need to say to your reader to encourage them to adopt your stance. Now, you need to come up with topic sentences that will start each of those paragraphs. These sentences should accurately and concisely describe your position and of course, support the thesis statement. Back each argument with reliable evidence that you’ve already researched and picked out. Make sure you don’t just state the evidence in your argumentative essay but also explain it. All your supporting points should link back to the thesis statement and have smooth transitions between the arguments.

Finally, restate the thesis statement in your conclusion. Briefly summarize your main points and their importance. Do not discuss any new information at this point. Finish your essay with a challenging end note that encourages further research on your topic. Sometimes, students find it challenging to write a conclusion without presenting any new information and without sounding like you plagiarize your own introduction. Here’s a good help tip: think of your audience as people who already read your essay and now want to consider a whole picture. Therefore, write for someone who already knows all the information that you’ve been writing about. You’re just summarizing it all for the audience to remember the importance of your assertion.

Now, put off your paper for a few hours or even days if the deadline is not too close. Read everything again and edit for perfection. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to read your paper out loud to notice the places where you fail in logical continuity. Another great method for perfecting your writing is to give it for a peer review so have a company of friends at the editing stage to improve the writing for all of you. At the very final stage, proofread and make sure it’s error-free. Also, check with the formatting policies of your college. Now, your paper is ready for submission!