How to calculate a course final grade?

Simply input your current percentage on the task, test, or exam along with its value towards the final grade. Just pick the assessment type from the suggested options, indicate a grade for it (in either percentage or letter form), and specify its weight. You can add as many assessments as you have to calculate your final grade based on weighted averages.

To calculate your score in a particular course or class, you need to:

  • Click the “Class Name” box and insert the name of the course you want to know the final grade for.
  • Pick the Assessment type from the list (it can be a homework assignment, test, quiz, midterm, etc.). You can enter as many assessments as you have completed in order to determine the grade.
  • Add the grade for each assessment you have entered. It can be either in percentage or a letter.
  • Specify the percentage weight for every assessment (for example, 25% per quiz or 30% per midterm assignment, etc.)
  • Provide the same data for all the assessments you have entered for the final grade calculation.

How to calculate a grade to score extra?

The calculation process is immediate and lets you know the minimum viable score for reaching the academic rate that you are aimed at. Play safe - avoid missing a couple of points to the desired grade.In case you want to plan your academic efforts and need to know how much to score extra in order to reach the desired rate, then follow the below steps:

  • 1 STEP

    In the “Desired Grade” column, specify the expected GPA for the course.

  • 2 STEP

    In the “Final Worth” column, specify the grade weight of the final exam (for example, final exam = 40% of your total course score).

  • 3 STEP

    Based on the entered information, our calculator will provide you with the final exam grade you are to earn to achieve the desired course result.

Why use our free GPA calculator?

Calculate your current grade in a particular course to know what to achieve on the final exam so that the overall course score matches your expectations. No matter if you need to know your GPA or weighted grade point - our free Grade Calculator from EssayToolBox will determine your current score in a course before the finals. Plan your academic efforts smart!

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5 pro tips to improve your GPA

Unhappy with your current situation and looking for a way to boost it? Figured out that you actually need to score a lot extra to get the desired score? There’s still something you can do to fix your academic rating! Follow the below steps to earn those precious extra points and improve your course results.

  • 1. Get the effort points

    Effort-based assignments are a common thing today. These are sometimes homework assignments or class activity points that teachers give extra points for. If you want to increase your current grade, then make sure to put in the effort and land those points. Do all homework assignments on time, be active during class sessions - and you will start to see improvements in your score.

  • 2. Talk to the teacher

    The easiest way to fix your performance in a course is to talk to your teacher and figure out what can be done from your side. Check if there are any missing assignments and ask a teacher to give you half-credit for the work to complete extra. Some tutors allow retaking a quiz or test, for example. Of course, a lot depends on a teacher, but losing this opportunity is the wrong thing.

  • 3. Ask a friend to explain course material

    If you have problems with perceiving the information taught in a course, ask someone to help you with it. Seek out a tutor, ask a friend to explain course material to you, look for Youtube videos or tutorials that might help you understand the presented material.

  • 4. Develop study habits

    It could be just anything from reviewing tasks to re-reading course material and preparing questions to your teacher. Spend a couple of hours every day reviewing your complete homework assignments. Check your papers for grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling mistakes. It is also a good thing to attentively re-read material taught in class; thus, you will make sure that it is properly perceived and remember.

  • 5. Make efforts

    Ultimately changing your academic score and earning a perfect final grade will require maximum dedication from you. Commit at your best. Use time management or planning software to note down your goals for your courses and not to miss out on any tasks assigned to you. Develop a study schedule and stick to it. This approach will require discipline, but it is a good thing to do.

  • By following the above steps, you can significantly improve your course performance and become an ‘A’ student. And our GPA calculator will help you determine how close you are to reach the goal.