Need a plagiarism checker?

Scanning your paper for plagiarism has never been so easy. The high-end tool, fast scanning process, and the absence of any fees allow you to check as many texts as you need and get reports in the shortest time.

  • Most advanced technology

    Our tool highlights only the similarities in the text. Commonly used words and phrases along with your reference list and citation entries are ignored.

  • Large database

    The EssayToolBox tool compares your text to over seventy billion web pages and scholarly publications. So you can rest assured about the check accuracy.

  • Free search

    Our plagiarism detector is 100% free. It doesn’t charge you anything, so you can run as many searches as you need and get reports free of charge.

  • Accurate text check

    This software offers you a thorough text check. As a result, you get extra levels of plagiarism search and additional results.

  • Safe and confidential

    Your paper will never be added to our database. Once it is checked, you can delete your document from our service right away. Nothing will be tracked from our side.

Why to use a plagiarism checker?

Using someone else’s text without a reference is plagiarism, whether intended or not. Accidental plagiarism of one or two sentences can cause consequences. For a student, plagiarism can lead to a failing grade, academic probation, or even worse. Fortunately, there is the detector from EssayToolBox that can help you avoid unpleasant situations.

The tool detects all types of plagiarism - from sentences that are exactly the same as in the original source to paragraphs where the sentence structure is changed and synonyms are used. Our database covers not only websites but also books and journal articles. The tool will help you ensure that you have properly cited anything in your text. Being originally designed for students, the checker will become a handy tool for those who want to create fresh, original, and unique content.

How to Use the Checker?

  • Copy and paste the text into the search box with a maximum of 1,000 words per search.
  • Or upload the document/ text file using the “Choose File” button.
  • Click on “Check Plagiarism.”
  • After the text is processed, the results are displayed in a matter of seconds.
  • In case duplicate matches found, the tool shows uniqueness and plagiarism percentage of the text, with the duplicated parts of the text being highlighted.

Get the text uniqueness index in a couple of seconds!

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How does a plagiarism checker work?

It is very simple! Our tool is intelligent and most accurate software. The text you enter is analyzed based on the following:

  • Lexical frequencies
  • Word-choice
  • Matching phrases
  • and many other important factors

The analyzed content is mapped into our internal network and is researched for content matches in different databases. We have designed this algorithm to especially ignore statistically common phrases to provide a better and more accurate search for potential plagiarism in the text. Once the test is complete, results appear below along with the match percentage being detected.