How To Create a Title Page with EssayToolBox

Choose a citation style

Since a title page looks differently in different citation styles. You firstly need to pick a citation style your work should be formatted in. MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, and Harvard are some of the citation styles we support.

Fill out the predefined fields

Once you pick a formatting style for the cover page, the system will offer you a set of fields that are to be filled out. For example, for the APA assignments, you will have to provide us with a running head and title of a paper, the full name of the author, institution and course name, and the date.

Click a button

Click the “Generate” button for the system to process the information and generate a cover page for your paper according to the specs of the citation style you have selected.

Why should you try our title page generator?

What benefits can you get from our title page generator?

Finalizing a paper is highly dependent on how soon you start writing. Working on a project without a name is hard. Therefore, we recommend using our title page generator once the teacher assigns a task to you. Spend no more than five minutes of your time to get a list of brilliant ideas and format a cover page erroneously.

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